TJ Hartel


About Me

A little about me...

Grew up in/around Red Deer - "Married up" and have two beautiful girls - Went to U of L for my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Multimedia) - Worked as a Graphic Artist for 5-6 years (still do sometimes) - Went to RDC/U of A for my Bachelor of Education - Started at HHHS in February 2012. 

Around the school...

  • I teach...
    • Digital Arts 9
    • Digital Arts 10
    • Graphics & Animation 20
    • Photo & Film 20
    • Digital Arts 30
    • Art 10
  • I'm the Yearbook Advisor
  • I help out with a variety of media/design (H Channel, Programs, Athletics Design, School Branding, Logos, Websites, etc.)
  • I coached Senior and JV Volleyball, but have taken the last couple of seasons off.

You can usually find me down in CTS Labs 1319 or 1324.

Visit our Digital Arts website to find more about my courses -

The website for my Art 10 course is HERE.