TJ Hartel


About Me

A little about me...

Grew up in/around Red Deer - "Married up" and have two beautiful girls - Went to U of L for my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Multimedia) - Worked as a Graphic Artist for 5-6 years (still do sometimes) - Went to RDC/U of A for my Bachelor of Education - Started at HHHS in February 2012. 

Around the school...

  • I teach...
    • Digital Arts 10
    • Graphics & Animation 20
    • Photo & Film 20
    • Digital Arts 30
  • I'm the Yearbook Advisor
  • I help out with a variety of media/design (H Channel, Programs, Athletics Design, School Branding, Logos, Websites, etc.)
  • I coach JV Boys Volleyball

You can usually find me down in CTS Labs 1319 or 1324.

Visit our Digital Arts website to find more about my courses -