Nancy Vanderwater


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About Me

This year I am teaching Science 9, Science 10 ADV and Physics 30.  I am also involved with the Enviro Club.  All homework and upcoming quizzes/exams are on our homework board in the classroom.  Please ensure you copy this down or take a picture of it every day.  If you are absent, first try contacting a classmate to see if they could share a picture of the homework board and any notes we did for the day.  If you are unable to do this, feel free to email me before 4pm on the day you are missing and I will send you the notes and homework.  

Sometimes Google Classroom is used for assignment submission and/or for posting materials.

Science 9 period 2 - 8yerk91

Science 9 period 3 - 3mi9fdp

Science 10 ADV (periods 4 and 5) - cqa4wca