Ian Oostindie

Administrators - Vice-Principal, Gr 10 & 12 (O-Z)

About Me

I have been with RPDSD since 2007 in Alternative School Programs , LTCHS and now HHHS, mainly teaching Sciences and Maths with administration work. Previously I have been an educator, both in and outside the classroom, for twenty years in BC and Yukon. Some of my accomplishments in life include being a foster, step and "bio" dad.

I believe that there is much to be done in our world to make it more unified. Education work, including schooling is a key element toward making progress in this endeavour. I serve my community through coaching sports, committees and leading academic challenges like Science Olympics. Day-to-day I assist in many ways, most importantly by doing my job and serving in administration with my actions governed by the belief that student success is a result of many people's guiding work.

The attached picture is taken in the Spring of 2012, close to where I was born.