Dominique Gomes


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About Me

I can't believe I get to share my passion with students who have a similar interest in these disciplines I teach. We laugh together, learn from each other and spend time discovering. I believe in learning by doing, playing, and making mistakes. So fail lots, fail often but learn from those oops (ooopses) and continue to work hard and challenge yourself to constantly improve in all aspects of your life. I love animation, architecture, art, construction, design, graphics, photography and video and I am truly blessed to share this enjoyment with future animators, architects, artists, carpenters, cinematographers, designers, engineers, graphic artists, parents and photographers who will continue to improve our world. 

I speak Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Married to an amazing lady named Dianne and truly blessed to have four wonderful daughters. I don't drink coffee and I am a little adhd so I doodle to help me concentrate and focus when I am in big lecture theatres. Oh yeah, and I get to create cool school promotional projects with one of my favourite people in the world, Mr. Hartel, who was a remarkable student I taught many years ago.

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