Mike Falkenberg


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About Me

I have been teaching in Red Deer Public for over thirty years and I am proud to say that it has not been just a job but a grand adventure. I am very proud to have been part of teams that have helped many young people to become positive forces in the world.  My grand parents and parents were teachers, two of my siblings are teachers, my wife is a teacher and my daughter has also recently started her career as a teacher so I guess teaching is in the blood, a way of life, a life mission!  I continue to be inspired every day by the incredibly hard working, talented, kind and caring staff, students and athletes I work with here at Hunting Hills and in the Red Deer Public School District. 

In the past I have done volunteer and professional work for the Red Cross and Royal Life Saving Society teaching and examining swimming, life saving, life guarding, first aid, and canoeing.  In my athletic past I played hockey and competed in track and field, cross-country running and cross-country skiing, competitive swimming and in triathlon. I  have thirty years of leadership experience with Boy Scouts of Canada. For Red Deer Public I have taught Social Studies, English, Humanities, Science, Environmental and Outdoor Education, and Physical Education. I was Social Studies Department Head for ten years at Eastview Middle School. Currently I am a proud member of the Hunting Hills teaching team and a member of the Humanities Department.  At Hunting Hills I have coached school reach teams, cross-country and track and field. I also have worked for Alberta Education marking diploma exams in January and June for the last fifteen years. 

 I am the proud father of four children who have gone through the Red Public system, having had very positive and rewarding experiences, with three of them graduating from Hunting Hills and one from LTCHS. Three of my children have now completed post secondary degrees at RDC, U of A and U of L.

When I am not teaching, coaching, supervising, marking, reading, researching, planning and preparing I try to indulge in my passions of self propelled outdoor pursuits like mountaineering, cross-country skiing, canoeing and backpacking. In over forty five years of seeking out high and wild places I have apparently become a "highpointer."  I have successfully reached the highpoints of two continents, nine nation states, thirty eight U.S. states, three Canadian provinces and twenty one national parks so far.  

This year I am teaching Social Studies 9, 9 Advanced, 30-2 and  30-1. Current reading and research interests include economic policies in liberal democracies, critical thinking, evidence and reality based decision making, impacts of new technologies on learning and attention, social justice, Cold War military history, history and philosophy of the scientific method, the history of exploration and discovery, as well as historical biography and adventure travel.