Jim Bussard

Administrators - Vice Principal, Gr. 10 & 12

403-342-6655 ext 1119
150 Lockwood Ave
About Me

2019/2020 will be my first year to leave the classroom and move into administration at Hunting Hills. I am currently the Vice Principal overseeing grade 11's and a portion of the grade 12 students (O-Z). I am a life long learner with a passion for understanding and facilitating new methods of learning. Prior to administration, I taught in the areas of Digital Arts, Fabrication, Construction, and Robotics. I believe my unique perspective on learning will play a key role in the implementation of learning strategies that transfer knowledge outside the walls of the classroom. I have a genuine interest in developing relationships to promote growth and have been inspired to support the importance of culture and belonging in our school.  

When I reflect on my experience as an educator, I see value in sharing my understanding of developing the whole child. My view of learning has always been focused on building relationships and making learning meaningful.  I believe mental health and wellness are crucial to the child's academic success. With every student I taught, teacher I supported, or child I counseled, a strong sense of wellness is required to reach one's potential.  I am proud to say that Red Deer Public School District raised me as a child, and It excites me to have the opportunity to give back and serve the district. Continuous change is essential in our profession. Our district has made great strides in improving literacy, numeracy, equity, and completion.  We are making a difference and I am excited to support this journey as a leader in the district.

I have always had a passion for utilizing technology to improve learning and encouraging sport to build character and relationships. As a recent graduate of the Masters in Educational Technology program at Boise State University, I have spent the last 4 years studying and identifying effective use of technology to improve learning. For years I have coached various school sports and hockey. I am excited by the opportunity to serve the teachers, parents, and students in our district.