Stephanie Archer

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About Me


My name is Stephanie Archer and I am entering my first full year teaching here at Hunting Hills High School. Last year, I did my student teaching in the Phys. Ed. and Foundations departments during the first semester. In December of 2015, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a double degree in Secondary Education, minoring in Special Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education. In February, I signed my first contract to teach Phys. Ed. 9 and CALM 20 for the remainder of the year. This year I will be teaching Leadership, CALM 20 and Phys. Ed. 9 and I am pumped to be back in blue! In terms of athletics, my background is grounded mostly in volleyball, and I am looking forward to coaching one of the two Grade 9 Girls team this year. In my spare time, I love travelling, staying active and hanging out with family and friends.