Hunting Hills Art Unveiling

By: Lexi Wright

On Tuesday June 21st, Hunting Hills High School celebrated National Indigenous People's Day by unveiling a flag in commemoration of the survivors and victims of the Indian Residential School System in Canada

The flag was created by Grade 10 students in collaboration with “The Project of Heart”, which is an inter-generational artistic journey of seeking truth about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada.

Every tile in the maple leaf represents a student who attended a Residential School. Any tile outlined in black represents a student who died at those schools.

Vice Principal of Hunting Hills High School, Ian Oostindie, says the project had a deep personal impact on him.

“The layer of researching and awareness in regards to the project struck me first. What struck me afterwards was when I realized I’m connected to this piece. I personally know the family of Roy Dick who attended Lower Post Residential School. It’s amazing to see that thousands of kilometers away from here, our students are honoring a family I know”

Kelly Freriks, Social Studies Curriculum Leader at Hunting Hills, says the students were also deeply impacted by the project.

“The Project of Heart really struck me. I wanted to do something as a symbol for reconciliation and the students just really connected with this piece. The research and understanding involved was very meaningful and connected with the students on different levels”.

“This year in particular, it’s amazing to see the personal connections students seem to draw from this art. Every symbol or image represents the story of that individual. Every story is incredibly unique and brings a lot of emotion to it” says Oostindie.

To learn more about The Project of Heart, visit