HHHS is now Online!

Hunting Hills High School staff have been working tirelessly to prepare for our new online learning environment. 

Please go to our newly developed website for online learning. 

Find the core area (English, Social Studies, Math or Science) that you are currently enrolled in for Semester 2, 2020.  Once you're in the core area, find the course (ELA 10-1, or ELA 10-2,  or ELA 20-1, etc.)

There is a Google Classroom code for you to copy.  Once it's copied, click on the link to JOIN the class.

That link will take you to Google Classroom (you might need to sign in with your RDPSD log in credentials).  If you do NOT see the class right away, click on the PLUS SIGN  (   +   )  on the top right of the Google Classroom screen and select Join Class.

Paste the Google Classroom code you copied and press Join and you are in!!!!

We miss you Lightning Students - but we will see you online now!

Let the learning continue!


(WEBSITE URL:  https://hhhs84.wixsite.com/hhhs-online   )