The Hunting Hills High School Yearbook is built each year through the creativity and collaboration of many students and staff. The yearbook is created to ensure there is an archive of the events, activities, celebrations and memories from each school year.

To maintain a level of privacy, only current Staff and Students will have access to the online library. You can gain access by first signing in to Google using your school account, then clicking the link below....


Graduating students should make sure that they download any images that they wish to keep, as they will lose access to the site shortly after they graduate. Special access requests can be made through Mr.Hartel (contact below).

All books can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home.

The most recent yearbook, for the 2016/17 school year, is called LIGHTNING PRIDE. Hardcopies of the yearbook (and past yearbooks) can be ordered individually at the links below....

****NEW INFO*** - We have received a number of comments based on the shipping cost of the books (approx $15). After working with Picaboo, we have created a separate storefront that will allow parents/students to be a part of a BULK ORDER. You will pay online, then we will order as of Mid-September and receive the books in October.

If you want your book sooner, please use the MAIN STORE FRONT.

To save approximately $15 on shipping, use the BULK ORDER storefront.



Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr.Hartel. Hope you enjoy the Hunting Hills High School Yearbook!

TJ HARTEL - Yearbook Advisor

403.342.6655 ext 1357