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2015 NEWS:

Dina Iatrou, a current grade 12 student, has earned a scholarship to run for the University of Lethbridge next year.  Congratualtions Dina!


It was a close race this year for the overall team title with a total group effort by our 19 runners to beat William Aberhart of Calgary by 5 points (1795 vs. 1790 pts) to claim second in the province.   As coaches we are very proud of our runners this year; they really raced hard on a tough course with many personal bests. As well we had many runners in the top 15 in the province which is excellent when you consider there are 144 runners in each race. On a final note, this was one of the nicest, most supportive group of athletes we have coached in a while.  They were great ambassadors of our school!
Congratulations to the following athletes:
Gr.12 Derrick Evans 9th ,  Jesse Ross 31st , Brodie Parker 39th, Luke Beasely 47th, Sean Campbell 64th, Nagi Iida 13th, Brittany Lee 88th , Rachel Kuz 107th , 
Gr. 11 Dina Iatrou 10th , Haley Kitt 22nd , Megan Johnson 40th , Tara McDonald 83, Courtney Ness 100th
Gr.10 Eric Lutz 2nd, Kale Hartley 10th, Myah Cota 13th, Jill Stewart 14th,  Mallory Fisher 35th , Brigitte Lischewski 75th
Coach Brian Johnson
Coach Lisa Robertson
Fatima Amanullah                         
Isra Alam
Tricia Barrington                            
Luke Beasley
Brian Berg                                      
Erica Binder
Mikayla Boorse                               
Sean Campbell                      
Myah Cota                                      
Keeley Deering
Gabe Duckering                              
Derrick Evans
Mallory Fisher                                
Sarah Fraser
Curtis Hallman                               
Kale Hartley
Emma Hope                                    
Dina Iatrou
Nagi Iida
Bailey Johnson
Megan Johnson                               
Haley Kitt
Rachel Kuz                                                
Thanh Le
Brittany Lee                                    
Beatrice Lessard-Hamel
Shekinah Lim 
Brigitte Lischewski
Zaza Lockhart                                 
Eric Lutz                      
Laura MacLeod                               
Tara McDonald
Anna McMillan                               
Amy Metzger
Courtney Ness                                  
Madison Nimmo
Sadie Ouellet                                    
Brodie Parker              
Meet Razzaq                                    
Rohit Razzaq
Alliyah Richards                              
Jesse Ross                     
Stefanie Spicer                                 
Jill Stewart                   
Jonna Stewart                                  
Sarah Stewart
Nic Van Bavel                                  
Brook Vanhantsaeme                     
Dery Wang                                                
Alisha Whissell             
Brandon Whissell                                      
Dahlin Wiebe 
Brian Johnson
Lisa Robertson
Matt Hope