Parent Resources, Conferences & Information

Please note:  the information provided here is for your information only.  HHHS &/or RDPSD does not endorse or receive any benefit from this.  This is provided for your information as a resource(s) if you are interested.  It is up to each individual family to determine if the information, conference or resource will be of any benefit to them.

Technology:  Learning Progressions for Technology Use

13 Moons/Turtle Teachings - Red Deer Native Friendship Society

Social Media Hoax - MOMO Challenge - Know What Your Kids are Watching - RDPSD District Message

Cyberbullying - Overview for students, parents & teachers (Maryville University)

Set up a Family Media or Tech Plan - Info Sheet

App Suggestions:

Zift - Parenting App helps protect kids online by blocking searches and monitoring screen time