Many methods are in place for you to stay informed about Graduation, as well as we need to be informed of any changes or updates to student information. That includes name spelling, address, phone numbers, emails, etc.

  • For any updates/changes in student contact information or clarification regarding FOIP, please contact Student Records - Mrs. Melissa Lorenson ( or 403.342.6655 ext. 1127.
  • Sign up for REMIND and get information directly on your cell phones! Click HERE for instructions!
  • Students can check the Grad Wall, watch school monitors, parent email, and phone calls. We use email and phone calls as our main method of parent communication. It is important for grade 12 students attend their T.A. classes, as important information is discussed and distributed during T.A. class.
  • For additional information, you can contact Mrs. Corrine Ruth-Irvine ( or Mrs. Jennifer Boiteau (
  • Copy of the Grad Parent Meeting Agenda that took place October 24th.